Sunday, December 15, 2013

An Early Christmas Gift & Lessons On Faith

Here it is, less than two weeks until Christmas…

On Friday, we sort of had an early Christmas celebration at the Home.

A very generous woman visited the children a little while back and was majorly blessed by their singing and dancing…
So, when she left, she began to send money so the children could eventually get musical instruments and sound equipment.

The children have been dreaming and praying for instruments, and for someone to teach them how to play them.
Well, on Friday those dreams and prayers became reality.

We showed up at the home and all of the children were in the house waiting anxiously.

We unloaded box after box, and began to unpack them.

We pulled out a keyboard, a set of drums, speakers, amps, many microphones, and (my personal favorite thing,) an electric guitar.

The kids went crazy, squealing and laughing with delight.

After we set everything up, and tested it to be sure it was all working, Mama Helen spoke to the kids.

She told them about the kind woman who donated all of this to the Home. She told them that God had heard and answered their prayers for instruments. And she told them that God has truly blessed their prayers.

I was so tickled, because she told the kids that Dad and I would be teaching them how to play some of the music and how to use the equipment.

I am so happy to begin teaching and investing something I love into people I love.

Mama Helen told the kids that anyone can learn how to play music, even the girls! She said,

“Any of you ladies out there who are thinking you cannot learn how to play guitar. Perhaps you are thinking, ‘Oh, guitar is for men!’ Hannah plays guitar! And she can teach it to you. So do not disqualify yourself.”

To that, the girls all clapped and cheered.

And I just laughed.

I didn't think about the kids having funny stereotypes like that…

After all of this, we had a great time singing and playing music. 
I didn't want it to stop…
We all seemed to lose track of time. All we could think about was how God had blessed everyone.

We praised and worshiped until we were worn out. And it didn’t matter that most of the songs were in Swahili.
I could just feel the joy emanating from everyone in the room.

And to top it all off, little Ian stood up to give his devotion.

He read the Scripture about when Jesus calmed the storm. And the verse that resonated with me was when Jesus asks His disciples, “Why is your faith so small?”

The answered prayers of those children make me ask the same thing.

“Why is my faith so small?”

If these kids can pray and see their deepest hopes answered by the mightiest King and Creator, why can I not pray with the same faith?

Such faith and such joy is priceless… and so touching and humbling.

I believe that these little moments are tiny glimpses of what Heaven will be like.

Hannah Wilson

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