Monday, July 15, 2013

Dealing with life...

So it's back to "normal life." The usual spin of school, chores, getting along with siblings, and church... And although it is what I would have deemed "normal" before, I know now it is not.

There is something different.

Something so subtle, yet so outrageously huge.

But the thing is, this "something" is not a something I can explain.

It is so deep down, even I can't understand it.

I was granted the ability to take a peek outside of my own little world. I was allowed to reach out of my comfort-zone to see beyond my self-made circles. I was able to touch the places and people who are thought too dirty to touch.

There is so much more to life and Christianity than going to church on Sundays!!!!

Yeah, you go to church. So what??
Sure, you give %10 of your paycheck. So what??
Okay, you are a "good person." Who cares??

If you don't reach out to others, all of that is worthless. If you don't love others, it doesn't matter.

And "love" isn't that warm, fuzzy feeling we all think we know. Love is action, behavior, and truth.

If you "love" someone, but don't care about their needs, you don't love them.
Love would care enough to look outside of itself and see the needs of the other person, and strive to meet them.

Love IS action.

You can talk all day about how much you love GOD, and not move a muscle to reach out. Do you really love HIM?
You can cry all day about all of the orphans in Africa, and never seek to help them. Do you really care?
We can preach all year about the Great Commission, yet never step foot beyond the church. Do we really believe in it?

I used to be content to stay in my "Christian Bubble"; going to church every Sunday and Wednesday, doing some ministry occasionally, hoping and praying that someday GOD would use me in a mighty way.

I got a wake-up call.

I can no longer be content with my old life.

Life is no longer about me.

Yes, I still do all of these things, but there is more meaning to it.

After seeing the joy that the Kenyan people had when we came to visit, I know I have never really been a joyful person.
After seeing the servant's hearts in those people, I know I have never really been a servant.
After seeing the contentment in those people, I know I have never really been content.

I want to walk away with this: "God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong."

I am prayerfully seeking to change, not only how I live my life; but how I look at things, my attitude, and choosing to love others with the love CHRIST had for me.

Forever changed,

Hannah Wilson

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  1. You are a blessing sweet girl! So proud to call you friend :)