Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day #2 and #3

The past two days have been so busy, I didn't have the time or energy to write!!  But it has been a good kind of busy...

Yesterday, we went to the pastors' conference. The women who came were very tickled that "women from America" came to visit and give them council. There were no young people for me to teach, so I listened to the other ladies. (They all did a fabulous job!!) In the lessons, the ladies were reminded that they are the "crown of creation." GOD saved them for last, when HE made the world. Women were the "finishing touch." (Needless to say, they were all very happy to hear this!) The women all walked out of the session with their heads held high...

Today, we finished the conference. Both the men and women had many questions that needed to be answered; so the final session was held together.

Right after we finished the conference, everyone wanted to take our picture!! It was rather uncomfortable to me... I don't like too much attention focused on me at one time. But being white missionaries, there was no choice. We posed with everyone, picture after picture. Finally, they were all happy...

When that little experience was over, we went into the slum for an "open-air." (In an Open-Air, people stand in the streets to share testimonies, preach, and sing.) All of the children swarmed us, as we walked. They all wanted to shake our hands, and touch our skin. As we played with them, more and more kids came! We were surrounded by children who only wanted a new friend.
Although, I had to laugh... There was a small group of little boys, (all around 7-8 years old) who kept staring at me and giggling. When I waved to them and said hi, they all giggled harder. Soon, they began pushing one another in my direction saying,

"Go talk to her! Go speak to her!"

To which the other would say,

"No, YOU go talk to her!"

And soon the whispers turned to,

"You love her! You want to marry her!"

One of them eventually became quite bold, and kissed my hand as we left.
What can you say to that...? I just had to laugh. It was too precious...


Today was a HUGE blessing!! I cannot wait to go back tomorrow to share Jesus with all of them. It will be my turn to get in front of everyone on the street; so please pray for me. We will also visit the slum-schools.

My mom will be meeting with the person who is helping us get our visas, as well. Please pray all goes well!

Thanks for the prayers!! :)

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  1. Hannah - you are truly an inspiration to many. Even as an adult, I see you and think - WOW. What a beautiful, talented, smart, and blessed child you are! Keep strong! You are doing an amazing job! Monica P