Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day #5 through #9

Yes, I know I haven't Blogged in for the past four days... I kept trying to write, but I couldn't seem to find the words.

These last few days have been a great big blur. In this spinning daze, we have made some amazing friendships that will last a lifetime, we have stepped out of our comfort-zones, and we have been drastically humbled and stretched.

But tonight is our last night...

Visiting the Children's Home and Feeding-Station/School has been such a blessing. These children know the true meaning of joy. These children who, by American standards, have nothing, are more hospitable than many of our richest people. They dance and sing; they jump and shout just because we have come to visit them.

Each of us had the opportunity to teach two classes at the school. The first time, I taught the 4th and 5th grade class. The second time, Zoe and I taught the 3rd grade class. It was so much fun!!

At the Children's Home, I made many new friends. Sylvia, Stencha, Veronicah, and many more! I taught them the song, "Down to the River To Pray," and they absolutely loved it!!

I spent time with my Kenyan sister, Elizabeth. She has the sweetest spirit, and the most contagious smile. She has me wrapped around her little finger. And she is happy to know that we are moving to Kitale soon.

I have experienced so much joy on this trip... I will never be able to express how I have felt and how I am feeling now. I hold so much joy in my heart, but I am filled with sorrow because I am leaving this place and these people I have come to love.

I have completely fallen in love with this place and these people. Any feelings of fear or not wanting to move here have faded away. I am ready to come back, and this time to stay.

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