Friday, September 27, 2013

Hello, Kitale!!

I'm sorry for not updating sooner, but we have been without internet for a few days...

But, we finally made it to our new home!!!

Things have been very busy for us ever since we got here. There is so much to be done! Unpacking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, and visiting the school and children's home.

It made my heart so glad to see Melody, Pastor Richard, and Mama Helen waiting for us at the airport!! It was so nice to see some familiar faces after all of the traveling we had been doing.

Much to our joy, all of our luggage made it to the house!! It felt wonderful to eat breakfast in what we knew to be our new home.

The day after we arrived, we were asked to visit the school. When we drove up, the children saw us and began to jump up and down screaming out loud! They were all so excited to see us! We introduced ourselves to every class, and they sang songs to greet us.

We ended up seeing our Elizabeth while at the school, and she immediately knew who we were. She ran up to us to give us the hugs we had been missing for so long. Yes, I teared up a bit when we saw her, but what can you expect?

That evening we visited the children's home. It was quite a joyous occasion. There are many new faces at the home since my visit in July, instead of 86 children coming to greet us, around 165 came out screaming and shouting. 

I was reunited with a few of my old friends from my last visit: Veronica, little Cynthia, Beryl, Eric, and Amos. But most of my close friends are still in boarding-school; I will probably see them in December, when they are on break.

Everyone LOVES my younger siblings. All of the kids played with my little brothers and sisters like they had known them forever. Miss June, one of the cooks at the school, fell in love with Lydia and showed her the whole kitchen. The bigger girls at the children's home all took turns picking Caleb up and giving him rides on their backs. A swarm of girls snatched Mary away to show her their rooms. Miss Lynnette, from the school, did not rest until Rebekah gave her a "high-five."

We are all very tired, but very happy.

More soon to come!! :)

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