Thursday, August 2, 2012

Braces, Birthday, and Bravery:

And they fail to tell you that when you walk past the fridge, you'll stick to it like a magnet... I looked like an idiot! ...
Lol! Just kidding!
Yes, I got my braces yesterday. (Light blue and purple bands.) And yes, they do hurt a little, but not bad. Still trying to get used to the feel of them.
My two-year-old sister, L, saw me when I came home and said, "What's that on your teeth?!" Lol! (Poor kid...) And after awhile she wanted to touch them, (which I allowed.) Now all she wants to do is touch the "things" in my mouth... Lol! :)

What else has been going on?
Well, My littlest brother's Birthday is coming up on Saturday. (He's going to be FOUR YEARS OLD! I can't believe it!) And he has informed everyone that he wants a dump-truck for his birthday.
I asked him what kind of a cake he wanted, and he told me he wanted a "gingerbread-man cake." (Which, by the way, I made for him last year...) Eventually, I talked him into a dump-truck cake to go with his present. (Shhhh! Don't tell him. It's a surprise.)
So, today I am baking a chocolate cake for him. Tomorrow I will decorate it. (With dump-trucks, of course!)

The only other thing going on right now is my Dad leaving on a mission-trip on Sunday.
He is going to Kitale, in Kenya, Africa. There, he will meet the young orphan-girl we support. He, and the other five men, will be hiking up the side of Mt. Elgon, (an old volcano, which hasn't erupted for a years.) And as they do this, they will visit 21 different churches, (many of whom, have never seen a white man.)
This will be an experience for everyone involved.
Little Elizabeth, our orphan, will get to meet "Dad" for the first time. Those 21 churches will meet the some of the first white Christians in their area.
Dad will finally meet the child he has supported for a year. A few of the men will be going to Africa for the first time in their life.
And back here at home, the families will patiently wait and pray for the men to come home in safety.
This will be the longest Dad has been away from us, but I know he will be fine, because God called him to Africa, and He will bring Dad home.
I am praying for strength while Dad is gone. I pray that God would put His full armor around me, so I can be a warrior for Him. I am determined to remain strong, to be unselfish, to fully rely on God, and most of all to fight for Christ through prayer.
Please pray for the next two weeks, for the men's safety, that many would be reached for Christ through them, and for bravery on everyone's part.

Blessings Always,

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