Friday, August 10, 2012

Power-Outage and Prayer:

So, last night around 9:00, during a storm, the power went out... No air conditioner, no internet, and no phone battery. Everything was dead. (Exception being an hour of computer battery, which we used up to watch a movie.)
Yeah, I was not the happiest person in the world. In fact, I had a terrible attitude. Grumbling and snapping at my siblings, tossing stuff around, thinking very ungrateful thoughts, and pretty much throwing an inward, (and somewhat outward) tantrum... You get the picture.
We sat in the dark until about 10:30, then Mom told us to go to bed.
I woke up at 1:00 to the sound of my Mom telling me to get up and go to the car. The power had still not come on, and everyone was pouring sweat.
Very long story short: we sat for two hours, went to the store to get something cold to drink, came back and passed the power-guy, hoping that he was going to come by our house... Still nothing.
Finally, at almost 3:00, we stopped and prayed together.
After we prayed, the power-guy passed by the house.
Mom turned the radio back on, and I heard the last part of the chorus to a song I knew well.
"Bless the Lord, oh, my soul! Ooooh, my soul! I worship Your Holy Name... I'll sing like never before. Ooooh, my soul! I worship Your Holy Name..."
The significance of that moment may not make sense to some, but it did to me. To truly understand that moment, you must read my Dad's Blog post.

(Read it here:

After the last words of that chorus died out, I knew that this was only an attack from the enemy. The enemy was trying to steal our joy, while my Dad was away.
I got out the car and went up to the house.
I prayed that God would help me to stand in the authority He has given me as His child, over the enemy, and that the enemy would leave because he has no place in our home, to steal our joy from us.

Getting back in the car, a wave of understanding rushed over me.
Everything happens for a reason. God's reasoning.
Dad had been praying for weeks that I would become a prayer warrior while he was gone; that I would  stand in the authority God has given me as His child.
God uses even the unpleasant things to mold us into what He has designed for our life.
I got a small taste of what people in Kenya live in, still had much more, and had a horrid attitude about it! Yes, we had no cold air, but we had a house. We still had running water. We had food to eat.

God gave me these things. But who said I deserved them? I am alive, but I never deserved to live.

I have been singing the song ever since last night. It will be special to me forever.

"Bless the Lord, oh, my soul! Ooooh, my soul! I worship Your Holy Name... I'll sing like never before. Ooooh, my soul! I worship Your Holy Name..."



  1. That made me cry. You write so beautifully. 7 more days!

  2. Hannah,
    You do write beautifully. I am so proud of the young woman that you've become!