Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day #4.

Unbelievably tired, and missing my Papa... But I always get a burst of joy and energy when we hear the SKYPE account ringing, and his picture pops up!

We got a huge surprise today: a phone-call from little Elizabeth!! :)
I could not help but tear up, just to hear Mom talk to her. Only listening to Mom's half of the conversation told me lots about how sweet and unselfish our Elizabeth is...

Dad said he folded more than 200 balloons for the kids at the orphanage. He told us about his sermon in the tent-church. He said that stoplights are "optional," as are parking spaces... lol! And he also told us about the gigantic avocado trees. (He saw some that were around 150 feet tall! And the avocados themselves around the size of a soft-ball!)
He has many stories, so feel free to read his blog! (

I miss Dad bunches, but I know he is blessing others...

Trying to find things to keep my mind busy; this blog being one of them.
Thank you to those who have been faithful in reading! :)

Blessings as always,