Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Long time, no blog.

Hello, everyone!!
Yes, I know, very long time, and absolutely no blog...
I'm sorry. :(
But everything has been going great!! My Dad is finally home, we started a Bible-study called "Crazy Love," I joined choir, and I've started my annual Facebook-break. It's my last week of "freedom" before school starts... lol! I started reading the books to my all-time favorite movies, The Lord of the Rings, got stung by a yellow-jacket for the first time, and officially fallen in love Biscoff Spead!! (Quite a list, huh?)
I am getting super excited about the school year ahead. Driver's ED and Drama are just two of the many fun subjects I'll be taking.
Eeee!! So excited!! :)
Just a quick, random update... Thanks for reading!

P.S.- If you have never tried Biscoff Spread, you are missing out on a world of deliciousness... Just saying. Lol! :)


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